Our network of business contacts and agents allow us to develop Strategic Alliances between SMB and Trans-national companies, Investment and Project Management companies, OEM and EPC contractors, to add capacity. This helps our clients to access captive opportunities in Canada, USA, UK, Europe and Middle East. To ensure success we stay involved from initial introduction, idea discussions, market research, concept – engineering and team building to continuous participation in local opportunities.


We help manufacturers to launch their products and services in the International markets. Our network of agents and business contacts allow us to evaluate client’s readiness, prepare them for an International presence through captive opportunities.

We promote emerging technology companies and Risk-Partners, generally small to mediums size business (SMB) to captive audience. We introduce SMB to local market through our network of risk partners, to add capacity, while gathering infrastructure data to prepare an export focused long-term corporate development plan.

Concept Engineering results increase in revenue for SMB, as all sales opportunities are channeled through Technology or Risk-Partner’s sales channels. To ensure success we stay involved from finding leads to completion i.e. idea discussions to market research, market entry methods, concept - engineering, sales and service channels, team building and project development.

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